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Timeliness and Refunds

Please be punctual for your shoot as I may or may not have another shoot right after yours. It is to my discretion if I choose to stay beyond your original shoot time to accommodate you. 

There are no refunds unless you have pre-paid and come from out-of-state. In the event of local shoots and rain, I do not shoot in the rain. Period. 


If your event is a prom or wedding, please consider what you will do in the event of rain. 


If it rains the day of your shoot, we will reschedule. If you pre-paid for a family shoot and your family is from out of town, you can personally use your paid amount as a credit. 

All rescheduled shoots must be rescheduled within 90 days of the original shoot

Travel Fee and Destination Events

For shoots further than 20 miles outside downtown Baltimore, clients will be asked to pay an additional travel fee of $45. This will be added to the final balance of the shoot. 

For destination events such as weddings, corporate events, or destination celebrations (i.e. birthday parties), clients will need to first consult with the photographer to discuss travel fees. Generally, booked flight and hotel accommodations will suffice as your deposit. Your balance will be due 2 weeks before the shoot for non-wedding events and 30 days before all destination weddings. Flights must be booked with the photographer's TSA Pre-Check number and airline reward number. The photographer will pay the fee for any additional carry-on luggage beyond 2 bags; the client pays for the first two bags. 

Image Delivery and Enhancements

After your shoot, within 3-5 days, clients should expect to receive their proofs. These are your basic edits (cropping, color enhancements, shadow lifting) that may or may not include "every image taken." Your photographer shares with you the best images taken during the shoot. Quality is always better than quantity. 

You will not receive RAW images (unedited) of your photos. 

Unless ordered (typically with a high-end boudoir shoot or a wedding), clients should not expect to receive a physical album. Prints can be ordered directly through the link associated with your final images. 

From your proofs, clients are asked to choose their top 15 images. For a family of 3 or more please choose no more than  25 total images from the proofs. This is where the magic happens; skin smoothing, eye/teeth whitening, image sharpening, tattoo removal, weight reduction (in most cases), and color correction. Please allow another 3-5 days to receive the final edits, making sure to download before the link expires to avoid the reopening fee of $25.

Not happy with one or a few of the images edited? No problem. You can ask for one more edit before any extra fees are assessed. 

Images DO NOT INCLUDE: adding people not present for the shoot, wrinkle removal in clothing, hair/lip/nail color fixes or changes, body enhancements, or change of background (such as changing the sky or adding foliage). Such high-level edits are $15 - $25 per edit enhancement

Photographer style of shooting: When shooting outdoors, I will typically use what is called Off-Camera Flash. The purpose is to light the subject but also to still get the details of the sky or background. This may make the image look as though the subject has been placed on the picture as they will tend to stand out from the background which can look blurry. This is intentional and my style. This is also a result of the lenses I shoot with that offer what's called a shallow depth of field. By moving forward with a deposit and payments means that you accept my stule of shooting/lighting. 

Right to Post

Once you agree to hire me as your photographer, you are agreeing to allow me to post any images from your shoot on my social media pages to market my skills and abilities. Images are entered into contests without first asking the client for permission, I ask that you do the same. 

I will generally post on my website, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Clients wishing not to have their images made public on socialmedia are asked to consult with your photographer prior to making a deposit. 

Location, Location, Location 

The client and photographer can work hand in hand to find the best location for the shoot. Please understand that some locations may require a pre-paid permit to shoot on-premises; this is the responsibility of the client to pay for this fee, make the necessary booking, and share with the photographer the location. 

It is recommended that when considering a location to consider crowds (i.e. DC area, tourist), parking fees, traffic, and the possibility of walking, which may infringe upon your shoot time. 

Weather and COVID-19 

In the event of severe weather or rain, the photographer will communicate with the client to discuss if rescheduling a shoot is necessary. Clouds or lack of sunshine are not reasons to cancel. Rain, snow, sleet, ice, high winds, and heat advisories are reasons to cancel a shoot. 

If you have been exposed to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of the shoot, please, reschedule your shoot. 

If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms during the shoot or 10 days prior to the shoot, please, reschedule your shoot. 

There is no penalty to reschedule your shoot for COVID-19 related issues or the above-listed reasons as it relates to inclement weather. 

All other cancellations will result in no refund of payments received. 


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